Collection of 100 Birthday Wishes

Fantastic Birthday Wishes

They say easy come easy go,
but may the good things that came easy for you never go,
may you reap the best for every good things you sow,
may prosperity be real to you and not a shadow,
happy birthday cheers

Awesome Birthday Wishes

birthdays come birthdays go,
but may the birthday blessing you receive never go,
sometimes things are good sometimes things are bad,
but may the good things in your life never go bad,
I wish you a happy birthday,
may the happiness in your life never go sad

Cool Birthday Wishes

Its your birthday today and i celebrate with you,
you are a year older and am so happy for you,
may the joy of today not depart from you,
may the well wishes you receive today bring good tidings to you,
I wish you a wonderful birthday

Birthday Wishes for Your Partner

Darling may you remember your birthday today for good,
May you get better in things you have always been good,
May you be celebrated beyond your neighborhood,
Happy birthday I love you for better and for good

Birthday Wishes for Bae

Sweetheart it’s your birthday I’m happy for you,
And on this your birthday I promise more of my love to you,br> May we together celebrate more years with love between me and you,
Happy Birthday to you from your darling boo

Birthday Wishes for Your Man

I love the love I see in your gaze,
I pray that love shall see you through your days,
I love the love I see in your eyes,
May you see many more years with your eyes,
And may your life be beautiful like butterflies,
Wishing you a happy birthday from your sweet angel eyes

Birthday Wishes for Your Sweetheart

I love you and I’m happy to be with you on your birthday,
I care about you and I care more as you celebrate your birthday,
May you never lack love and care as you see many more years months and days,
Happy birthday from your love

Wishes on Your Wife's Birthday

So happy to see this day with you,
So glad our been together makes you happy too,
It’s your birthday so glad God has kept you through,
And as you grow through the years may you enjoy good health too,
I love you happy birthday

Birthday Wishes for Your Boyfriend

I love you God knows I do,
God loves you that is very true too,
He has made you see another birthday and I am so happy for you,
May love lift you up as you celebrate His goodness to you,
I love you and happy birthday to you

Birthday Wishes for Your Girlfriend

Like the sweetness of kisses from your sweetheart
So shall the feelings on your birthday be
Like the light of fireflies beautifies a garden, so will my love beautify you on your birthday
May we together see many more birthdays
Romantic birthday wishes to you from your sweetheart

Birthday Wishes for Your Wife

May love surround you on your birthday
May sweetness embrace you on your birthday
Like the embrace of a lover feels on a cold day
So shall peace encompass you today
Sweet romantic birthday wishes from your darling

Birthday Wishes for Husband

God’s love has kept you till today
I loved you yesterday and I still do today
May your birthday be a sweet memorable day
From a heart that cares and love you happy birthday

My Wishes on Your Birthday

It’s your birthday today I am happy for you
You prayed for this day and it has happened to you
Today may pleasant surprises be delivered to you
And may God that preserved you keep his protection over you
Happy birthday to you, cheers.

Best Birthday Wishes

I wish you a sweet birthday celebration
May you see more years beyond your anticipation
May your dreams never go into relegation
In your life may there always be jubilation
Happy birthday celebrations

Sweet Birthday Wishes

May your life become a synonym for sweetness
May your companions be people of greatness
May your life be royalty like that of a princess
From deep down my heart I wish you a wonderful birthday, God is my witness

Pleasant Birthday Wishes

I wish you a happy birthday may you not receive condolences,

I wish you a sweet birthday may your life experience greater performances,

Birthday Wishes That Makes Sense

May you find success in everything you do,

And may everything you do be successful for you,

Bithday Wish you'll Love

Many cheers to you it's your birthday,

Many years is what I wish you enjoy your day.

Happy birthday.

Nice Wishes to you on your Birthday

You've been caring you've been nice,

You’ve been wonderful may u never lack care,

Jolly Messages to Celebrate your Birthday

Happy birthday my friend,

My jolly good fellow,

May you be above only & never below,

Salutation Message on your Birthday

I salute you,

I celebrate you,

As you mark your birthday today,

Lovely Birthday Wish She'll Love

May your brightness never go dim,

May your blessings be full to the brim,

May your reality be better than your dream,

Happy Bornday Wish for my Friend

I celebrate you on your birthday,

I felicitate with you on your bornday,

I Wish you Goodness on Your Birthday

It's your birthday today enjoy it,

It’s your birthday today celebrate it,

Great Birthday Wishes for a Great Person

I wish u the best of what life has to offer,

I wish u many happy returns, long life

& prosperity may u not suffer.

Lovely Birthday Wishes

In the midst of scarcity u shall have surplus,

May your new age bring u plenty and surplus.

Happy birthday.

I Wish you a Blessed Birthday

In blessing may u be blessed beyond measure,

May your reality be better than your dreams.

Happy birthday.

Best Friend Birthday Wish

Enjoy your day,

My everyday good friend happy birthday,

May God's grace over you never come to an end.

Happy New Age Wishes on your Birthday

Cheers to your new age,

Cheers to newness that comes with a new age,

I wish you well & I wish u a happy birthday.

Birthday Wish to Celebrate you

Have fun all the way it's your birthday today,

Cheers to your celebration,

Birthday Celebration Wish for you

As u celebrate life,

May u move forward in life,

As u celebrate your birthday today,

The Best Birthday Wish for my Friend

Happy birthday my good friend closer than a brother,

God will make u bigger,

God will bless u with long life,

The Best Birthday Wish for you

May u prosper beyond your abilities,

May your assets overwhelm your liabilities,

Nice Birthday Wish to a Nice Person

May the birthday wishes u shall receive today,

Become your everyday reality,

Wonderful Wish on Your Birthday

Enjoy your day it's your birthday,

Wonderful wishes and loads of gift shall come your way,

Wishes to Celebrate Your Birthday

Long life, good health, great wealth, peace of mind, prosperity,

& much more are my wishes for u on your birthday.

Joyful Wish on Your Birthday

I wish u a joyful birthday celebration,

As u get older may your life be full of celebration,

Short and Great Birthday Wish

Be glad & rejoice it's your birthday today,

I rejoice with you may you see many more birthday.


Birthday Wish to My Good Friend

Happy birthday my good friend,

Happy bornday you've been more than just a friend,

My Sincere Birthday Wishes for You

On this day your birthday,

May u be appreciated celebrated compensated & applauded,

May your life be decorated,

Birthday Wish To a Great Sister

Happy birthday to my indefatigable amiable dependable & unforgettable sister,

May your days be long,

Happy Birthday to My Love

Happy birthday my love,

May u never lack anything good,

And may our love never go bad,

Birthday Wish to an Awesome Friend

Happy birthday to a brother from another mother

May u grow from grace to grace from January to December

Happy new age

Birthday Wishes to a Wonderful Person

You've been very wonderful

I wish u happy birthday

& the many years to come for u shall be very wonderful

More Than Just a Birthday Wish

More than just birthday wishes

I pray u live life to the fullest

& enjoy God's goodness to the fullest.

Happy Birthday Wishes to My Best Friend

I wish u a happy birthday

& I wish u well,

I wish u a joyous birthday &

Bithday Wish To a Sister

Happy birthday to u,

Life has been good to u,

Life has treated u well &

Birthday Wish to a Great Friend

Happy birthday dear friend,

I celebrate u,

I wish u joyous celebration of life,

Birthday Wish to a Brother

Happy birthday, be thankful for the years gone by

& be hopeful for the years ahead,

u will always be the head,

Wishes to My Friend on Her Birthday

Happy birthday,

It’s your time to celebrate God's goodness once again,

Happy Birthday Wish for my Friend

Happy birthday, hold your head high

The Lord has been good to u He has lifted u high

May your highs never become lows.

My Birthday Wish for You

Happy birthday long life & prosperity

God will make you bigger,

Life will bring u goodness,

Joyous Wishes on your Birthday

Happy new age receive grace for the new race

Happy birthday may your days

be filled with joy every day.

Sweet Wishes on your Birthday

I wish u not only what u wish yourself

I wish u the good things of life

I wish u God's goodness & long life.

Lovely Birthday Wish for my Darling

My love you have brought light to my life

May the light of your sunshine

burn bright like an everlasting light,

Birthday Wish For Your Love

My love my darling

I wish u goodness on your birthday no dulling

So happy for u may u keep growing.

Bithday Wish Your Sweetheart will Love

Happy birthday my love

May life bring u sunlight

May your brightness be brighter than a million sunlight,

Birthday Wish You Will Love

Enjoy your day it's your birthday,

Always on top so shall your days be

No matter the situation in your way

Delightful Birthday Wish For You

I wish u many more birthdays to go

May God's glory over u never fail to show,

Bountifully shall u reap when u sow.

Prayerful Birthday Wish

I wish u many more fruitful years ahead

May the oil of grace never dry off your head.

Cheerful Birthday Wish

May u always be ahead among your peers

May u find joy when u need it

may your joy overwhelm every tears.

My Simple Birthday Wish For You

My birthday wish for u

is a simple prayer for u.

May u always be favoured.

Happy New Age Wishes

Happy New Year happy new age

Receive grace for this new stage.

It can only get better for u

Birthday Wishes For Your Friend

Birthday Wishes For Your Friend

Happy birthday friend I wish u well.

Life shall treat u well.

Tales of your life accomplishments generations to come shall tell.

Cheerful Birthday Wishes For A Great Friend

Cheerful Birthday Wishes For A Great Friend

Life has been good to u and I'm happy for u,

I say happy birthday to u,

Happy new age to u,

Birthday Wishes For A Good Friend

May life not hold u to ransom

May your days be long may u ever stay handsome,

Birthday Wishes For Your Loving Mum

Mum you've been more than awesome,

May your birthday be even more than awesome,

Birthday Wishes For a Sister or Brother


May this birthday be one for u to always remember,

May u be the one people will always love to remember,